Street Vending and the Debate Over What “Community” Looks Like

Amidst the debate over street vending in Orange County, recent actions in cities like Santa Ana,, Westminster and Orange, highlight the clash between regulatory measures and the cultural and economic contributions of street vendors. Punitive legislation and exclusionary rhetoric risk erasing the vibrant tapestry of working-class life, perpetuating an unintended narrative of exclusion from public spaces.

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Improving Transparency on OCSD ICE Transfers: Lessons From a Cross-County Comparison of TRUTH Act Forums

TRUTH Act forums are a crucial tool for community accountability regarding Sheriff Departments collaboration with ICE. Our recent analysis underscores the need for enhanced transparency in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and statewide. It underscores the Boards of Supervisors’ pivotal role in exceeding minimum requirements, highlighting community-based organizations, meeting timing, and online accessibility for increased engagement on immigration enforcement issues within impacted communities.

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