Our Work

Policy _ Research

Developing Research, Analysis, and Policy for Strategic Organizing

We engage in multimethod, community-oriented research to support movement organizing across Orange County.

  • Producing policy research and analysis to support organizing and advocacy campaigns focused on long-term structural change.
  • Promoting collaboration and partnerships between movement academics and grassroots organizers to conduct strategic research and intelligence gathering. 
  • Monitoring local legislative activity related to immigration and economic issues impacting immigrant and refugee communities in Orange County.
Movement Capacity Building

Building Local Movement Capacity

We strategize and collaborate with movement organizers throughout the region to achieve long-term, structural transformations that uplift working-class, immigrant communities. 

  • Strengthening leadership capacity of grassroots organizations to sustain long-term movement building work. 
  • Building collective political power with our partner organizations through multidimensional organizing and advocacy campaigns across Orange County.
Building Governing Power

Advancing a Progressive Immigrant and Economic Justice Agenda

We work alongside movement organizations to foster progressive narratives and develop co-governing structures that provide strong foundations for truly transformative change across the county. 

  • Building governing power alongside grassroots organizations committed to ensuring working-class, immigrant and refugee communities can live and thrive in Orange County.
  • Serving as a resource for policymakers to support their efficiency and effectiveness in advancing progressive policies .
  • Creating spaces for regional cross-learning and discussion between policymakers, academics, and community-based organizations.