Statement on the Senate Border Deal: Biden's Backstabbing of Immigrants & Refugees

Read Letter to the OC Democratic Congressional Delegation.

Orange County, CA – Today, the Harbor Institute for Immigrant & Economic Justice, VietRISE, the Orange County Justice Fund, El Centro Cultural de México and the Tenayuca Labor Project released the following statement in response to the Senate Border Deal:

“As organizations serving and working with Orange County’s immigrant and refugee communities, we strongly oppose the brazenly racist border deal proposed by President Joe Biden and the Senate. This “deal” trades the freedom, dignity, and lives of immigrants and refugees for an unrelated warmongering spending package, using immigrant and refugee lives to bargain for more funding for overseas wars and support of Israel’s genocide against Palestinians.

Over the course of his first term, Biden has not only broken his campaign promises to dismantle the Trump-era anti-immigration policies, he has betrayed immigrants and refugees by compromising with right-wing extremists in Congress. This has resulted in a bill with the most restrictive immigration enforcement policies of the last two decades, aimed at detaining and deporting immigrants and asylum seekers.

We call on the Orange County Democratic congressional delegation – Katie Porter, Lou Correa, Mike Levin– to join their colleague Orange County Representative Linda Sánchez in publicly opposing Biden’s horrific immigration deal, which includes astronomical funding for expanded immigrant detention and surveillance, increased family separation, and the complete evisceration of the basic human right to asylum.

Nearly one-third of Orange County’s population comprises immigrants and refugees, with Latinos and Asians representing 34 percent and 21.3 percent, respectively. These communities have endured the brunt of anti-immigrant policies and discrimination fueled by xenophobic rhetoric and national policies promoted by Trump and right-wing politicians. Now, Biden has adopted this same hostile rhetoric and federal mandates in his immigration bill.

Biden has betrayed the very same demographic groups that backed him during his presidential campaign in 2020. It’s not surprising that Latinos, Asians, and young people highly disapprove of his job performance as president, according to the Pew Research Center.”

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